Chaffee County

Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado


Chaffee County

Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado

The health and safety of our community and guests are our top focus.

Chaffee County is not open for tourism or leisure at this time. 

Visitors of Chaffee County are directed to return home
and persons considering visiting Chaffee County should remain home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Chaffee County Public Health Director, Andrea Carlstrom, issued the following public health order to protect the people of Chaffee County in response to the recent federal administration and Colorado government’s declarations and orders.

This Order shall apply to all unincorporated areas of Chaffee County, Colorado and all incorporated (municipal) areas that do not have their own public health agency: City of Salida, Town of Poncha Springs and Town of Buena Vista.


a. All individuals currently living within Chaffee County are ordered to Stay at Home whenever possible. Individuals living in shared or outdoor spaces must at all times, to the greatest extent possible, comply with Social Distancing Requirements, and may leave their Residences only to perform or utilize Necessary Activities. Individuals are strongly encouraged to limit shopping for groceries to one time a week. Visitors of Chaffee County are directed to return home immediately.

b. All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a Residence are prohibited, except for the limited purposes expressly permitted in this Order which include Essential Activities. Nothing in this Order prohibits the gathering of members living in the same Residence.

c. People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and people who are sick are urged to stay in their Residence at all times except as necessary to seek medical care.

d. Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate until their symptoms cease or until they have a negative test result. Due to limited testing availability and narrow criteria for testing, if an individual has tested positive for COVID-19 and/or has developed symptoms of COVID-19, including early or mild symptoms (such as cough and shortness of breath), they should be in isolation (staying away from others) until they have had no fever for at least seventy-two (72) hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers), other symptoms have improved (such as cough or shortness of breath) and at least seven (7) days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

e. People experiencing homelessness are strongly urged to obtain shelter, entities are strongly urged to make shelter available as soon as possible and to the maximum extent practicable. People experiencing homelessness must comply with Social Distancing Requirements, at all times.

f. All travel, including, but not limited to, travel by automobile or public transit, except Necessary Travel is prohibited. People must use public transit only for purposes of performing Necessary Activities or to travel to and from work to operate Critical Businesses or maintain Critical Governmental Functions. People riding on public transit must comply with Social Distancing Requirements, to the greatest extent feasible.

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Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado

Follow the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway to the heart of Colorado. Whitewater raft through Browns Canyon National Monument or fish the 102 miles of Gold Medal Waters on the Arkansas River. Discover the highest concentration of 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado. Create your own cool adventure in Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado then soak in 100% natural and odorless hot springs.

Home Of Monarch Mountain & Browns Canyon National Monument

The Upper Arkansas River Valley is located in the geographic center of Colorado, surrounded by three mountain ranges rising 7,000 feet above the valley floor to an elevation of over 14,000 feet. There are fifteen 14,000 foot peaks in the Sawatch Mountain Range, more than anywhere else in Colorado. More people raft the Arkansas River than anywhere else in Colorado. The 100% natural and odorless hot spring water bubbles out of the ground at 140 degrees.

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Buena Vista, Colorado

In case you are unfamiliar, Buena Vista means ‘beautiful view’ in Spanish. And the name truly says it all. Resting at roughly 8,000 feet elevation, the town of Buena Vista Colorado is nestled between the majestic Continental Divide to the West and the Fourmile Recreation Area foothills to the East, with the impressive Arkansas River running through town.

Salida, Colorado

Salida Colorado is a REAL Colorado mountain town. Beautifully nestled between the Sangre de Cristo and Sawatch Mountain ranges, this central Colorado Historic downtown at 7,000 feet elevation boasts a liveliness driven by artistic minds and outdoor enthusiasts.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is one of the most unique settings of all the hot springs in Colo­rado. Sit in the source of the hot springs in Chalk Creek and create your own hot springs pool. Ride the 400-foot water slide while surrounded by the 14,000 foot peaks on either side of the resort. The Spa & Club offers an adults-only experience with a relaxation pool and three Japanese-style cas­cading pools. Hot springs ore included with your overnight stay; purchase a spa treatment and
enjoy all the hot springs amenities all day. (Located in Nathrop between Buena Vista & Salida)

Pure geothermal mineral waters flow into five large, rack-lined soaking pools ranging from 94 to 110 degrees at Cottonwood Hot Springs. The quiet, meditative environment may be similar to that expe­rienced by the native Utes, who regarded the hot springs as spiritual sites with healing waters. Mas­sage therapy, spa services and lodging available. (5 miles west of Buena Vista on Cottonwood Pass)

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center is fun for the whole family. A zero-depth-entry play pool of 97 to 100 degrees borders one end of the largest indoor hot springs pool in North America. The opposite end
features a 6-lane, 25-meter lap pool and diving area around 85 degrees. You can also reserve a pri­vate soaking pool and customize the water depth and temperature. (In Salida on US Hwy. SO)