Getting To Chaffee County Buena Vista, Salida, & Poncha Springs

If you’re looking for adventure, beautiful scenery, creative arts or world-class food and libations, Just follow the water. In winter, water becomes I 00% natural snow that transforms mountaintops into skiing and snowmobiling playgrounds. As snowmelt in the spring, it roars into the Arkansas River bringing whitewater adventure, exceptional fishing and riverside festivals all summer. In autumn, alpine lakes full of trout reflect the blue Colorado sky and brilliant aspen leaves.

Different seasons bring different adventures, but water remains the mainstay. Water is always the center point of a relaxing soak in odorless, geothermal hot springs pools. It’s what anglers wade in to fly-fish in the Arkansas River’s Gold Medal Waters. And pure, mountain water is an integral ingredient of locally crafted beer, wine, whiskey, gin and other spirits.

Water can also be transformative. The snow-capped mountains inspire creativity and art. As a wedding backdrop, rivers and mountain streams reflect the beauty of the moment. Water nourishes ranch lands that preserve magnificent vistas. And it sustains the herds of elk, bighorn sheep, migrating birds and other wildlife that make the Rocky Mountains special.

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