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Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado


“Music is the universal language of mankind,” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Nashville is known for Country Music; New Orleans for blues and jazz. Salida and Buena Vista? Well, if you try to peg one certain genre onto this vibrant area – good luck. Everything from bluegrass to blues, rock to reggae, Indie to folk, Americana to Afrobeat is found here. And of course those funky genre-breaking, category-challenging music fusions, too. Live music is an integral part of its ambiance.

Already appreciated for its mind-blowing beauty and outdoor adventures, Chaffee County is experiencing exciting things musically. So many rising stars and national (even international) touring bands are adding these small but soulful towns to their list. They’re playing gigs in these charmingly intimate venues for all kinds of reasons – from creative freedom to eye-contact with the audience to hey, band members need a cool vacation, too. While in town, band members go whitewater rafting, fly fishing, skiing and soak at the hot springs.

These bands say they draw energy from the lively, appreciative crowd and love the unpretentious laid-back vibe. As it turns out, it is a symbiotic relationship; happy musicians make for very happy music fans.

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Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce
111 E Main St
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Salida Chamber of Commerce
406 W Rainbow Blvd.
Salida, CO 81201

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