Donate To The Chaffee County Visitors Bureau Mask Up Campaign

Keep Our Businesses Open! Please Mask Up!

The health and safety of our community and guests are our top focus.


Chaffee County, Colorado –  The Chaffee County Visitors Bureau (CCVB) is happy to announce that they are offering a $10,000 matching grant to the Salida, Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, and Nathrop communities.  Along with other community partners, CCVB is encouraging the community to pitch in and “mask up” for the safety and well-being of our citizens and our visitors.  CCVB will match up to ten thousand dollars raised so that they can continue a “mask up” campaign which they began in June.

Inspired by citizens who both purchased and distributed masks out of the goodness of their hearts, CCVB took their lead and purchased 10,000 custom branded bandanas that have been distributed throughout the county at no charge.  CCVB Director, Scott Peterson said, “We realized quickly that the first batch of masks that we ordered would not last long.  We continue to see an increase in visitors, and simply put, there are not enough masks being used in our communities, and we needed to continue our efforts in encouraging our community members and visitors to mask up and help keep us open for business. Businesses may pick up bandanas for distribution at the Salida Chamber Of Commerce or the Buena Vista Chamber Of Commerce & Visitors Center. Angel Rowell, President of the Salida Business Alliance, is also making deliveries to hotels, motels and local businesses.”  Peterson and CCVB are committing up to ten thousand dollars per dollar raised to continue this campaign.  Funds raised will be put not only towards the purchase of more bandanas, but they will also be used to educate our visitors about safe practices in Chaffee County.  Keep your eyes out for some friendly T-Rex dinosaurs distributing bandanas throughout the valley.

Andrea Carlstrom, MBA Director, Chaffee County Public and Environmental Health stated “Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) is proud of the Chaffee County community for stepping up and taking the wearing of masks seriously.  As one of the five commitments to fighting the spread of COVID-19, the wearing of masks, while mildly inconvenient for most, is a proven prevention tool.  Now, more than ever before, we need to protect our residents and visitors alike, and the fun bandanas that CCVB has created are an easy way to help achieve this.  Let’s continue to work together in creative ways to support a healthy and safe Chaffee County!”

Donors thus far include, First Colorado Land Office, Pinon Real Estate, DSI, High Country Bank, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Dan Bender, and Monarch Mountain.  James Bove, Marketing Director for High Country Bank stated, “We love our community, and we want to help keep our neighbors and our visitors comfortable.  Being able to donate to this campaign was an easy choice.  We want our customers to be able to feel like they have the resources to keep their businesses open.  This is a little thing that we could do to help them stay open in a safer environment.”

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