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How does the online auction and storefront work? 
To browse items, visit www.32auctions.com/nowthisislove. To bid on an item, simply create an account and confirm your email. Please note that bidding will be enabled once the auction goes live on 3/26 at 8am. Bidding ends at 6pm on 4/4.
Do I need to create an account? 
Anyone with a link to the online auction can view it without having an account. An account is only needed in order to bid. The process is quick and easy.
Can I filter to specific items?
Yes, there are multiple ways to filter the auction items. At the top left of the screen, you’ll see the word “All Items”. Click to expand the drop down to filter by categories, unsold Items and items with no current bids.
How can I keep up with my bids?
Participating in the auction is easy, even while on the go! With email notifications and the Watchlist feature, it’s easy to enter bids and stay on top of the action, no matter where you are.
How do I get notified of bidding activity?
To be notified of all bidding activity on an item, add the item to your Watchlist by clicking the heart on the item so it turns pink. You can view the items which are in your Watchlist by clicking the heart button on the auction bar (next to the Search box).
What does the star number mean?
The star number indicates your bids.
What does the heart number mean?
The heart number indicates the number of items on your watchlist.
What’s the difference between Exact bid and Proxy bid?
proxy bid allows you to enter the maximum amount you’re willing to spend with the goal of winning the item at the lowest possible price. The system will bid for you, up to your maximum proxy bid amount, as additional bids are entered on the item.
An exact bid is the amount you want the item’s current selling price to immediately jump to. Your bid amount will not change as additional bids are entered on the item.
Where does Donation money go?
All donation funds received will be given to the Chaffee County Community Foundation Emergency Response Fund.
How does payment for my winning bid work?
Winning bidders are sent a notification with a link to their invoice where they can submit payment. We kindly ask that you complete this step quickly so that we can get your payment sent out to business owners as quickly as possible.
How do I get my item?
Each business is responsible to send out your winning item. They will be in contact with you about your preferred form of receiving your item once the auction is over.
How can I help in other ways?
You can help by spreading the word about supporting our local businesses in Buena Vista, Salida, and Poncha Springs by sharing the auction link via Facebook, Twitter and by email.


send an email to: [email protected]

All nonessential services and lodging are temporarily closed.

The health and safety of our community and guests are our top focus.

We will invite our guests back soon.

Until then, browse our online auction to support your favorite businesses. Purchase products, services and gift cards for your next trip. You may also donate your gift cards back to first responders, heath care workers and our many citizens out of work.

Stay Safe.
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