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How does it work?
To help provide your business with additional funds during this challenging time, we’ve created an online auction and storefront for you to sell products, services and gift cards. Simply register on and we’ll get your items added to the auction. Once the auction is complete, we will send you payment via PayPal or check if needed. You’re responsible to coordinate pickup, delivery and shipping with the buyer.
How will I get paid?
The quickest way for us to get your money to you is an electronic PayPal transfer. If you don’t have one, we recommend setting up an account. it’s easy and free to use. Alternatively, we can mail you a check. Please note that this will take significantly longer to process.
What’s the difference between Buy Now and Bidding? Can my item have both?
For each auction item, you have three options: standard bidding, direct purchase at a Buy Now price, or both. When you choose both, the Buy Now option will be available on the item until bidding reaches or exceeds the Buy Now price.
What options are available for an auction item with a quantity of more than one?
For purchasing an item with a quantity higher than one, you’ll provide a Buy Now price and the total quantity available. Bidding is not allowed on items with a quantity available.
Who pays for shipping and sends items to recipients?
The business is responsible for all pickup, delivery and shipping of items to recipients.
How will I know who buys my item?
We will send you that information along with your payment.

The Chaffee County Visitors Bureau along with the Salida Chamber Of Commerce, Salida Business Alliance, and Buena Vista Chamber Of Commerce have partnered to create an online auction and storefront that businesses in Chaffee County may offer gift cards and product online.




This auction is built on the love for our small businesses in Buena Vista, Salida and Poncha Springs. Unity is our greatest strength. Let’s be strong and support each other. Click below to browse auction items!

Questions? See a list of frequently asked questions here, or send an email to: [email protected]

All nonessential services and lodging are temporarily closed. The health and safety of our community and guests are our top focus. We will invite our guests back soon.

Until then, browse our online auction to support your favorite businesses. Purchase products, services and gift cards for your next trip. You may also donate your gift cards back to first responders, heath care workers and our many citizens out of work.

Stay Safe.
Send Love & Money To Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado