Winter fat biking is an up and coming winter sport in Chaffee County. Due to oversized wheels and super low tire pressure, these bikes excel in winter conditions where others struggle. The riding options vary from groomed mountain trails to sandy desert washes. Fat biking is providing yet another alternative for travel and recreation throughout the valley and can be enjoyed by many.

Highlighted Trails


Cottonwood Lake

For a mellow outing, try the Cottonwood Lake area near Buena Vista. Seasonally closed roads provide miles of access along the valley floor.




Cottonwood Pass

For the more adventurous, consider the climb up to Cottonwood Pass on a groomed, but lofty road.




Raspberry Gulch

Another option is the Raspberry Gulch section of the Colorado Trail. The terrain is a mix of flat meadows and rolling hills with an occasional steep climb thrown in.


Fourmile Recreation Area

No snow, no problem. The east side of the Arkansas Valley is popular for those seeking sun, sand, and huge views. The Four Mile Recreation Area contains many miles of dirt roads and singletrack that provide biking opportunities year round. Try fat biking down a sandy wash and experience what these bikes are made for.


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