Ski & Snowboard A Powder Magnet

Monarch Mountain is tucked away in southern Chaffee County near Monarch Pass, and gets covered in tons of natural snow each winter. Visit this snowy paradise during mid-week and have the whole place virtually to yourself. Families love it due to the many conveniences that make it easy and fun.  Expert skiers and riders love it because of the steeps and consistent snow quality found in Mirkwood Basin.

Snowmobile The Continental Divide

The views alone make this thrilling ride an unforgettable experience.  Cottonwood Pass, just east of Buena Vista, is closed to car traffic in winter, but maintained and groomed by the local snowmobile club. Over 200 miles of trail spread over the Divide and into Taylor Park to the west.  Trails are marked and range from easy to difficult. Guided tours or rentals can be reserved from All Season Adventures or Cottonwood Country Tours.

Dog Sled In Monarch Park

Imagine gliding through a snowy forest while being pulled by a team of friendly Alaskan huskies.  Monarch Dog Sled Rides offers a unique chance to learn about the history of mushing while engaging in a tour of the alpine meadows and lakes of Monarch Park.  Try the starlight/moonlight tour for a one of a kind experience.

Zipline Over A Canyon

Soar over 200 foot deep Lost Canyon on a series of 6 cables rides that vary in length.  If that’s not thrilling enough, test yourself on the Canyon Aerial Course. Consisting of elements such as swinging bridges, swinging logs, cargo nets, balance beams, and tunnels, these courses are designed to test your strength, endurance, agility, and stamina. Courses range from easy to very difficult.  Captain Zipline is located in an incredibly beautiful area with plenty of mining relics and interesting geology to observe.

Soak In A Hot Spring

Chaffee County is blessed with some of the hottest ground water in the state.  In a few key locations it reveals itself in pools of glorious hot water bubbling to the surface.  Relaxing in a hot spring after a long day in the mountains is a perfect way to rejuvenate the soul and body.  Take a soak and enjoy the views at Cottonwood Hot SpringsMount Princeton Hot Springs ResortSalida Hot Springs Pool, or one of the many vacation rentals that have their own private pools.