Buena Vista, Colorado

We call it BEW-NIE!


By Sue Bjorkman

Buena Vista (Chaffee County) has a local pronunciation that merits some explanation. It is pronounced like the beginning of “beautiful” rather than the way it would be in Spanish (“bwayna”). Say “byoona-vista” and you’ll fit right in. Shortening it to “BV” is also locally acceptable. Buena Vista translates to “good view,” which is actually quite an understatement.

Located about three hours from Denver, BV has 2,700 residents. The Collegiate Peaks — Mounts Princeton, Yale and Columbia—dominate the town’s western view. The Arkansas River frames its eastern border and in the south, there is South Main. This planned development exists to enhance the vibrant kayaking community and provide a really cool live-work-shop-play option.

Buena Vista’s historic downtown has a ‘Wild West’ meets outdoors oasis meets small-town Americana vibe. It boasts high-quality cuisine and a lively bar scene too. The Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway runs through part of Buena Vista along HWY 24.

It’s a close-knit community of adventure seekers and families keen on raising their children like they do their vegetable gardens – with a lot of care, in an atmosphere blessed with the ideal amount of water and sunshine. Buena Vista was recently named #11 on the 50 Most Affordable Sunny Small Towns in the U.S. list compiled by Light Therapy.net. According to their statistics, BV has 247 sunny days yearly and an average home price of $241,000.